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Ustad Vilayat Khan – Birth Anniversary today

28 Aug

Ustad Vilayat Khan, ABBA as we all called him. Knowing one’s USP and making that into a style that leaving 1 or 2 artists, every artist followed in that sense Abba was like the Pied Piper. If he was handed out lemons- he made lemonade out of it. He lost his Guru Father teacher rolled in one; his father Ustad Inayat Khan, when he was just 9 years old, so he learnt from his nana who was a singer and that made Abba amalgamate the singing style onto his sitar.

Yes making the playing technique very difficult but so surila and melodious. He didn’t give up the tantr-sitar playing technique either, that too brought perfection to the instrument. Artists who had learnt different instruments with their own instruments specialty, left that and started playing Ustad Vilayat Khan’s style on their different instruments.

Abba was very happy about it, on hearing every artists praise and hearing their music he would always say, “I am so lucky to be able to influence these great artists and the credit goes to the amalgamation of tantr and Gaayan ANG which is known now as the Gaayaki ang. He said he could sit back and big-headedly say ‘I invented this style because I am a genius’ but this style came about because of my circumstance of having to learn from my maternal grandfather/nana the singer, and it just brought about a whole new dimension and style of melodious music”.

I think this is such a humble and honest confession. We all know the proof that before Ustad Vilayat Khan’s recordings there is no record of this Gaayaki Ang style which instrumentalist or vocalist had heard of let alone play, in the history of India.

I could write about him all my life and still come up with new dimensions of Abba, but in short, this example stays true in various incidences and stands of his life.

I salute Abba, not just because he was the most sensitive, giving, possessive, caring father but for his principles, values and sometimes keeping his mind open to the slight forgiving changes I made him implement in his life, which he truly did qadar of, and valued.

He was a fortunate man because so many great and simple people not just hero-worshipped him with respect but loved him so much….  We love you ABBA so much.