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UstādGāh : Building the Dream

14 Aug

UstādGāh, the idea that shaped into an institution in 2008, is the vision of Zila Khan to provide opportunities for the lesser privileged but musically talented children who do not have the ability to shape their talent and fulfill their dreams. Zila Khan wants to nurture the talent of such children who passionately dream of music. UstādGāh provides them with training and education in music for four to five years. Through UstādGāh, a curriculum has been designed for 11th and 12th classes, which on qualifying will exempt a year of UstādGāh’s curriculum. The disciples of UstādGāh will hone their skills and be empowered to earn their own livelihoods. The idea is to give them an international platform where they can express themselves through music.

With the desire to share the earned knowledge, skill and wisdom, UstādGāh, through this initiative, intends to promote the ‘paramparaa’ of music and showcase the rich cultural heritage of India to the world.

The substantial and holistic curriculum at UstādGāh is unparallel in the history of this country, as it is based on every aspect and dimension of our culture. UstādGāh will periodically invite luminaries, artists, professors, gurus, business entrepreneurs, yoga teachers and intellectual minds as visiting faculty to work and interact with the children, alongwith its own teachers. The children will simultaneously pursue their regular academics with scholarship, in recognized schools and colleges.

The aim is to provide a wholesome environment to those privileged children so that they can indulge themselves totally in the process of growth and develop the true genius in them.