Acclaimed for her mesmerizing vocals, Zila Khan has been called “the Sufi legend of the new millennium.” She is the daughter and disciple of the late maestro sitarist Ustad Vilayat Khan, and was the first woman in the Khan family – whose musical lineage goes back seven generations – to sing in public. In addition to Sufi songs, she has a commanding style in classical ragas and has revived the old-world style of ghazals (semi-classical songs).

She has established a Music Institute called UstadGah and a company of mega Cultural events called OneZone Festivals. Incredible India did an ad with Zila Khan through which her credentials as a true Ambassador of India’s Heritage and Culture come forth. Recently creating a path in the history of music for Equality in Titles, Zila Khan took the initiative to empower legendary women artists with a professional Title of Ustad-e-Maa, empowering them through the title like Ustad & Pandit for men, hence Ustad-e-Maa Title for women,in place of Kumari/Smt/Begam.

Zila Khan’s performance at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games left everybody spellbound. She brings in her own distinct style of singing steeped in the essence of her great Gharana. She has revived and brought in unique literature into new age sufi singing which she is famous for all over the world.






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