Azaadi aur Discipline Mubaarak

15 Aug

Respect/discipline without love or love without discipline is always incomplete. Today my children of UstadGah Music Institute are singing so beautifully with me and we together with the most esteemed institution of India the Army, their Band and us making music on NDTV and CNN IBN. Children from different schools like Salwan Public school Rajinder Nagar, the Blind School, Vasant Valley school have represented their schools and my teachings beautifully. We have not used any professional musician in these recordings and it’s a great feat for the children to perform on National TV this way. It’s their first time but definitely not the last.

There was a time I used my work to reflect me and my image, now I myself am comfortable in letting my different Avatar’s be seen and am happy, proud and enjoy the world seeing me the way I am. (Performing Artist, UstadGah teacher, Equality initiating woman with projects like Ustad-e-Maa, and now having a Mega-Events company called OneZone Festivals)


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